Surface Finishing( Electrogalvanized & Copper & Phosphated)

The right type of wire without the right surface is only half the battle.

Tool-gentle coating during the manufacturing process or as a finishing does not only grant higher durability but also better final products:

  • as dipping process, e.g. phosphating or polymer-coating
  • in line coating, e.g.  lubricants or additives

Coatings that protect from corrosion, support electrical conductivity or isolating characteristics extend the life cycle of your products and optimize your processes:

  • Metallic coating
    • Galvanized
    • Electro galvanized (0.40 – 10.00 mm)
    • Tinned
    • Electro tinned ( 0.16 – 3.00 mm)
    • Copper coated (0.40 – 7.00 mm)
  • Lacquer coating
    • Lacquered (0.16 – 1.20 mm) 

We deliver wire with your required surface finishing


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