Annealed & Phoshated Wire Drawing

Services of wire drawing

GUNES WIRE offers a full range of drawing services on customer-provided material, i.e. on low-carbon and low-alloy wire rod or high carbon and high carbon wire rod.

GUNES WIRE machine park allows for performing the drawing process with following parameters:

Entry diameter of wire rod: 5.50 ÷ 26.0 mm

Exit diameter of wire: 1.50 ÷ 24.0 mm

The service is performed in accordance with following schemes:

Symbols acc. to PN EN – 10263

Symbols acc. to DIN 1654

Operation name

+U+C K Cold-drawing

+U+C+AC+LC K + GKZ + K Cold drawing, spheroidising annealing and finishing cold drawing

+U+AC+LC GKZ + K Spheroidising annealing and finishing cold drawing

+U+A+C G + K Recrystallising annealing and cold drawing


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